Urban Center of Trieste

The Urban Center is a newly refurbished scientific-technological hub in the city center of Trieste whose main goal is to strengthen the synergies between science, technology and business. The Center is a reference point for recently established startups and spin-offs, a hub for initial support, sharing of ideas, access to a wide industrial network and a guide for managing procedures. Urban Center is managed by four key firms: Bio4Dreams, Biovalley Group, Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico Andrea Galvani and R&B Gate and they boast a network of 49 partners, one of them the BioHighTech Net 4.0 Network.


Trieste, the capital city of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, has an elevated number of universities, research institutions and researchers and therefore it was appointed as the European Capital of Science 2020 and organized the European Science Forum (ESOF) 2020. The high density of researchers (37 x 1000 employees) has grown exponentially in the past 40 years, thanks to large investments coming directly from the Italian government to Trieste. The high concentration of researchers has allowed both the growth of a provincial density of innovative startups in Trieste, which is the highest in Italy and as well as has helped to transform Friuli Venezia Giulia into a strong innovator region.