Biovalley Investments Partner S.p.A.


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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

Biovalley Investments Partner S.p.A.

Biovalley Investments Partner S.p.A., called BIP, is an industrial sub-holding of Biovalley Investments Spa. Equipped with a share capital of € 6.6 million, it has majority stakes in some reference companies in the BioMed (Logic Srl) and BioTech sectors. (Serichim Srl), equity investments over 20% in the BioICT sector (O3 Enterprise Srl) and minority equity investments in other emerging companies (Trieste Convention Center Srl - TCC Srl, Bilimetrix Srl, Servernet Srl, G & Life Spa, Simulware Srl, APE Research Srl and Althea Spa - formerly TBS Group Spa).

The objective that these holdings want to achieve is to accelerate the economic growth of the companies in which the parent company holds a minority stake, initially acquiring small shares of capital, then providing loans. Here the difficulties in raising capital from the Banking System have been overcome to meet temporary or structural needs on the part of the companies in our ecosystem. Downstream of this support policy, BIP can convert the investment into shareholdings in the share capital or acquire the minority shares of the parent company to control the companies themselves and possibly merge them into larger organizations of which BIP already owns the package of check.

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