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Generame is a brand of G&life srl.
Established in 2009 in one of the most important science parks in Europe – AREA Science Park - G&life is the first company in the world to consider at the same time individual genetics and epigenetics, to deliver cutting edge solutions for everyday life and people wellbeing.
The multidisciplinary team includes Geneticists, Nutritionists, Pharmacists and Biomedical Engineers to provide products and services both for B2B and B2C clients.

What we do
Our mission is to improve people’s lives, thanks to studies on human genetics applied to wellbeing.
Generame, our consumer brand, offers epigenetics products and personalized genetic programs in 4 areas: weight control, longevity, skin care, sport performance.

Scientific activity
In order to offer cutting-edge services, g&life make uses of strategic partners for research and development of effective solutions. Moreover, we constantly partecipate in research projects:
NutriHeart project (EU POR-FESR, 2010-2014)
ChipME: DTC testing Europe (EU ACTION, 2014-2016)
DNA and Sport Performance (ITALIAN, 2014-2015)
Genetics, nutrition and skin-care: aging in the best way (ITALIAN, 2017-2018)

Our Achievements
2009 - The only Italian Startup selected for HiT Barcelona, a worldwide competition for entrepreneurs and innovative business projects.
2010 - Selected among the best 18 startup in Italy by Confindustria and Unicredit to give strength to new entrepreneurial realities with a high innovative content.
2012 - The only Italian finalist for WebIT Istambul: chain of technology and innovations – digital economy events around the world.
2013 - Winner as best company in the Network of Scientific and Technological Parks in Italy.
2014 - Winner of NutriMi – NutriGold Prize as best nutritional innovation for our Lactease project in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Stada Group.
2015 - Finalist for the Everis International: its awards foster the talent, drive technological innovation to leave a transformative and positive footprint on society.
2017 - Scientific publication on Lactose intolerance in Italy: “Lactrase non-persistent genotype distribution in Italy”
2020 - The founders of the company are appointed as experts by national institutions. Paolo Gasparini from the ISS – Higher Institute of Health, Francesco Menegoni from the Ministry of Innovation and Digitization.

B2C Projects
Alongside our corporate collaborations, we constantly work on projects for end consumers, in order to spread the positive effects of genetics applied to everyday life.
Generame – our consumer brand
Dietagenetica – our in-depth site on nutrition and genetics
Actica – our distribution project in Italy.

Collaboration and partnership

B2B Partnership
Over the years we have collaborated with several companies to provide services never seen before on the market.
We have collaborated with Entrepreneurial, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic realities both in Italy and in the World.
We strongly believe that by combining excellence, even in fields that appear distant, we can create true innovation.


Our Services

Our mission is to improve people’s lives, thanks to studies on human genetics applied to wellbeing.

Generame offers epigenetics products and personalized genetic programs in 3 areas: Skin care, Nutrition and Sport.
Epigenetic products
We develop food supplements and cosmetics, based on the epigenetic regulations determinated by the active ingredients.
Genetic programs
Comprehensive personalized genetic programs, with professional experts support.
Available only in Italy.
B2B tailor made projects
We create ad hoc projects for companies that want to offer their customers unique and innovative solutions based on genetics.

via Flavia 23/1, 34148, Trieste, Italy