SICHH - Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health


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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

SICHH - Swiss Integrative Center for Human Health

SICHH brings breakthrough research to market by actionable innovation, cross-pollination of industry and academia, coaching, and legal assistance.

SICHH is a unique competence center in the heart of Switzerland. SICHH catalyzes R&D innovation for public-private projects by leveraging its integrative technological platforms in omics, high-resolution microscopy and clinical diagnostics. The SICHH, provides an innovative multidisciplinary terrain for collaboration in the field of health care allowing customers and partners to access to cutting edge equipment and the highest standards in R&D in Biotech, Medtech and Pharma. By streamlining interdisciplinarity and cooperation between academia and industry it facilitates the translation of promising technology-based ideas for products and services into successful businesses.

Collaboration and partnership

SICHH has in its organic structure 10 private and public shareholders, 8 industrial partners, 2 supporting organizations and 1 non-profit advocacy group. SICHH is the first public-private R&D institution in Switzerland to combine academic excellence with industrial execution to promote innovation.
With its Co-lLab it hubs up to 6 startups and spinoffs to take off their activities with an on-demand model, saving time and maximizing investment.
Shareholders: Biovalley Group, University of Fribourg, Hospital Cantonal Fribourgeois, University of Neuchatel, Cardiocentro Ticino, Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, School of Engineering Valais, Ecole de la Sante' La Source, Agroscope, Eikon.
Industrial partners: Zeiss, BioRad, Tecan, Nanosurf, CCOS, Panasonic, Gloor, Labgene.
Supporting organization: BioAlps, Micronarc.
Advocacy group: BrainFit4Life

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