Trieste Valley srl


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Trieste Valley srl

Trieste Valley operates in the high-performance computing field. Currently, the company is setting up its technological assets, including a Cloud High Performance Computer (Cloud HPC).
The aim is to become a catalyst for creating value and foster innovation in the territory.

VISION: the Company purpose is to connect and digitalize Companies, Universities and Research Institutes located mainly in the North-Eastern regions of Italy and in the countries of Central-Eastern Europe also organizing events in the Trieste Convention Center.

MISSION: to pursue this vision the Company invested in the Trieste Convention Center and in a Cloud High Performance Computing Data Center based on Eurotech technology to offer digital services to innovative start-ups and to Public and Private Research Institutes such as AREA Science Park.
The name of Trieste Valley refers to the competitive advantages enjoyed by the science city of Trieste, having the highest European density of high-profile researchers, who have fostered the growth of innovative start-ups and small-sized companies also in the field of advanced ICT Industrial sector.


Our Services

Trieste Valley’s main digital services focus on solutions for Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and High Computing Power.
Cloud High Performance Computer (Hive v3 HPC)
RnB Gate
AI, Simulation and Data Analysis Applications
Cloud HPC Management and Setup
Artificial Intelligence for Industry

via Flavia 23/1 c/o BIC FVG, 34148, Trieste, Italy