Biovalley Group SpA


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Biovalley Group SpA

Biovalley Investments SpA (today Biovalley Group SpA), founded in 2014, on the basis of the consolidated industrial experience of the founder and majority shareholder Diego Bravar, is set as a “Family and Friends Office” and manages investments made in companies of the BioHighTech sector as BioMed, BioTech and BioICT

Biovalley focuses the management of its direct investments of € 1.7 Mio and indirect investments of over € 6.6 Mio through the industrial holding Biovalley Investments Partner Srl to achieve the following long-term objective: supporting the development of micro, small and medium enterprises operating in BioHighTech filed in the Alpe Adria area and in particular in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Collaboration and partnership

In 2016, the first network of over 35 companies promoting services for Smart Health and the BioHighTech sector through innovative products and services was set up under the auspices of Biovalley Investments. On 21st February 2020 a new network with legal personality is born: BioHighTech-NET 4.0. 21 SME’s have joined in the first instance, while others have already declared their intention to do so at the first useful meeting of the Management Committee.


Our Services

Biovalley’s main activities span from Analysis and structuring of business plans, to identification and enhancement of possible industrial synergies, evaluation of investment projects, financial planning and development of commercial networks.

via Flavia 23/1 c/o BIC FVG, 34148, Trieste, Italy