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Innovative therapy

Transactiva srl

Biotech innovative SME leveraging plants as bioreactors for a greener, cheaper production of biopharmaceuticals.

Transactiva srl is an innovative small enterprise operating in the biotechnology sector. The company was founded on April 4, 2001 by three researchers with proven experience in molecular biology, genetic engineering and rare diseases, who shared the vision of making the biopharmaceuticals’ production accessible and sustainable. Transactiva is now a Research and Development center for complex pharmaceutical molecules, such as biological drugs, whose production is impossible by chemical synthesis and requires the application of highly innovative technologies. Transactiva possesses a unique expertise in the development of novel, green PLATFORMS for the production of BIOPHARMACEUTICALS. We combine the high quality of an eukaryotic expression system with the advantages derived from the use of plants and plant cells. From the very first idea to a complete, scalable prototype, we offer a full set of R&D services. Transactiva is established in Friuli Innovazione, Udine (Italy) in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Collaboration and partnership

We actively collaborate with several research institutions such as the University of Trieste, ICGEB, San Gallicano IRCCS, Tor Vergata University, BOKU University Wien.

What we are looking for

Strategic industrial partners for the out-licensing or co-development of our projects.
We are always interested in the possibility of a scientific collaboration in the framework of national or european calls.
Pharmaceutical industry
Scientific collaboration
Horizon Europe participation

Our Services


c/o Friuli Innovazione, via J. Linussio 51, 33100, Udine, Italy