Bio4Dreams S.p.A.


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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

Bio4Dreams S.p.A.

Bio4Dreams is an entirely privately funded certified incubator fully dedicated to very early stage innovative startups in Life Sciences.

Bio4Dreams is an entirely privately certified incubator born in 2017 fully dedicated to very early stage innovative startups in Life Sciences, who helps exceptional people to exploit the results of their scientific research, working alongside all the subjects of the innovation chain to create sustainable, pragmatic, and long-lasting business paths with an international scope.

Our peculiarity is the ability to think out of the box. We aim to create a broad international innovation ecosystem in Life Sciences, with Bio4Dreams standing as a reference point and beacon for entrepreneurial ideas.

We go well beyond the traditional definition of startup incubator because we follow the entire development path of a single project, starting from its very early stages.

Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to an ordinary interaction with the main innovation players, but we work to integrate them into a wider ecosystem.

Key strengths of Bio4Dreams are its fully customized and flexible incubation programs, built through common and validated methodologies, coupled with its international vocation, which gives startups a real chance to immediately start competing on a global scale.

Collaboration and partnership

A further strength of Bio4Dreams is its ability to include and work alongside selected partners across the value chain of innovation in Life Sciences.
Among our partners:
ASl4, Hub Innovazione Trentino, Toscana Life Sciences, Materias, IEO, IIT, M9, Università di Genova, Ospedale Policlinico San Martino, IRCCS Gaslini, Area Science Park, Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center, Premio Gaetano Marzotto. University of Pécs, ISSNAF, TECH SILU, Toscana Life Sciences, VentureUp
Assobiotec, Assolombarda, AIFI, ItaliaStartUp, European Business Angels, DAFNE, Invitalia, InnovUp, Invitalia, Cluster Spring, UniSMART
Chiesi, IBM Research & Business, Edeavor, BBA, CloudTel, Sanipedia, Kos Genetic, IMS Istituto di Management Sanitario, Neuro-Zone, Lendlease
Digital Magics, Como Next, WyLab, Unicredit Start Lab, Social Fare, G-Factor, SerenDPT
Panakès, Innogest, Biovalley Investments, Claris Ventures, Fondazione di Venezia, INNOGEST, LIFTT Techwald Holding, Value Italy Sgr

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