BrainDTech S.p.A.


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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

BrainDTech S.p.A.

BrainDTech develops biomarkers and diagnostic products for brain diseases from liquid biopsy (tear, blood, cerebrospinal fluid).

BrainDTech is a startup focused on the early detection and monitoring of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases in liquid biopsies, based on miRNA from microglial microvesicles.
Before a neurodegenerative disease can be treated, it needs to be detected. Today, in most brain diseases, diagnosis relies largely on observing clinical symptoms, which occur when the neurodegeneration has already caused irreversible damages.
BrainDTech has discovered and patented a method for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment monitoring of neurodegenerative, neurological and inflammatory diseases based on miRNA inside microglia microvesicles, a new molecular mechanism which occurs in the very early stages of neuroinflammation.

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Istituto Besta
IRCCS Istituto Cadiolo
University of Pècs
Accelerated Cure Project
Roche Diagnostic

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