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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

GeniusPhood S.r.l.

GeniusPhood is an innovative startup that offers services to promote a better lifestyle through the conscious and informed use of diets. These services are delivered following a B2B-B2C business model mediated by the nutritionist.

GeniusPhood has created a range of integrated services and products (Genius*) addressing the main players in the nutrition and agrifood sector, generating a self-sustaining system based on a proprietary database.
The system relies on freemium apps for customers (currently free in order to ease their spread, but with a future premium feature), professional nutrition platforms, and on payable services for the professionals of the food sector.
All the services are designed to provide scientifically validated health and nutrition answers to those in need of reliable feedbacks and suggestions on food or menu composition due to their diet or specific needs.
The system is based on the analysis of the user’s/patient’s eating habits in order to increase awareness and to guide him towards informed choices that take into account recognized international guidelines.
Patient’s information are collected through periodic questionnaires and food journals. After the analysis of the data, the system generates to the professional and to the final user: Graphs to visualize the consistency of the user to optimal nutrient standards with respect to his profileGeneral alerts that use the guidelines set for the entire population as a benchmark (e.g. it shows whether the user has complied with the guidelines for consumption of the 5 daily portions of fruit and vegetables)Specific alerts based on the typology of patient/user
In the end, GeniusPhood is not a system to create diets, but rather a platform that monitors the consistency of the user/patient to standard (e.g. guidelines set for the entire population or specifically designed for different pathologies) or customized indications (e.g. specific dietary recommendations defined by the nutritionist).

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