Ulisse Biomed


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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics

Ulisse Biomed

We build using DNA: the molecule of life

Ulisse Biomed is a company born in 2015

Ulisse Biomed is a healthcare biotech company operating in diagnostics, theranostics and therapeutics with the mission to develop innovative solutions in these fields. The company has three proprietary technology platforms capable of generating innovative and competitive products: Sagitta (real-time PCR assyas and reagents), NanoHybrid (biological drug monitoring reagents) and Aptavir (anti-viral therapeutic aptamers).

UMB core business is the production and distribution of real-time PCR reagents and assays. The company nowadays has an assay menu able to detect 100 pathogens.

Collaboration and partnership

-A.Menarini Diagnostics
-Elitech Group

What we are looking for

Distributors for real-time PCR assays.
Partnership for co-development and validation of the biological drug monitoring system based on nanoswitches (NanoHybrid platform).
Partnership for the development of an anti-HPV medical devices based on our anti-viral aptamers.

Our Services

HPV diagnostic services
HPV custom kit
Design and production of white lable self-collection kits for HPV diagnosis and related diagnostic service, using our proprietary reagents
Our products Other Products

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