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Biomedical technologies, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics


WonderGene is the first Italian innovative startup providing a portable genetics laboratory for quality control, food safety, and species identification.

WonderGene is the first fully integrated portable genetics lab that allows to run a complete genetic analysis from DNA extraction to DNA quantification directly on site, without losing scientific accuracy.
Thanks to the protocols and ready-to-use kits WonderGene is a plug & play system and thanks to its user-friendly design it can be professionally used by both researchers and non-experts.
This portable lab significantly reduces the timespan for obtaining results, cutting the average 7 to 10 days of traditional analysis laboratories down to 4 to 6 hours, while maintaining the same level of accuracy. WonderGene develops tailor-made turn-key solutions made of lab protocols and reagent kits for specific applications.
WonderGene mainly focuses on six fields of applications, namely: quality control, agriculture, illegal trade of protected species, wildlife conservation, transmissible diseases, and microplastics.

Collaboration and partnership

- Incubated by Bio4Dreams
- RnbGate
- NeuroZone
- HIT – Hub Innovazione Trentino

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