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Labs2Life S.r.l.

Labs2Life offers design, management, logistics, operational and service solutions for laboratories. Behind this reality – together with a consolidated network of technical partners – there is the experience of people from the world of the laboratory, aware of its mechanisms and criticalities, and who have been working for many years alongside researchers and lab managers to identify and develop optimal solutions.

Labs2Life is the startup that designs and manages shared research laboratories
Shared research laboratories to relieve researchers of the technical, logistical and organizational aspects. This is the mission of the startup Labs2Life.
For a startup a key factor to maximize the enhancement of itsassets, and therefore acquire concreteness, have greater chances of success in the development of the business idea and in the search for funding, is to have a Proof of Concept(PoC),or preliminary validation results of the own idea.
In the field of Life Sciences, arriving at a PoC means facing a path, sometimes long and complex, which includes challenges to be conducted in the laboratory with important commitmentsin terms of human and instrumental resources and possible significantinvestments, with constantly growingcosts.
This puts startups, especially in the early-stage phase, in front of an imbalance between the investmentsrequired to produce the experimental resultsand the value ofthe project itself, representing animportant barrier to development.
The idea of shared research laboratories was born precisely as a response to this situation: to offer laboratory spaces already equipped, but configurable on demand, which can be used by different realities for the time necessary for specific research needs.
Thismodel, which starts from important experiences in the USA, is increasingly spreading in Europe, and Bio4Dreams,for one, has started some projects in Italy, already in the implementation phase.
With this approach, the startup, burdened by the multiplecosts of managing the laboratory, now in charge of the manager ofthe spaces, can thus focus on its research objectives.
But if it may be relatively simple to design co-working spaces for traditional office activities, it is not so simple for laboratory activities, much more heterogeneous and articulated: research, analysis, quality controls, diagnostics, result protection systems, andCT.
How is it possible to organize anaboratorio di ricerca condiviso?
To host a laboratory reality, first of all it is necessary to have available, or better yet design, adequate structures with technical and safety characteristics that meet the standards and are able to meetneeds, even very different from each other,in terms of instrumentation, technological infrastructures and specialized services.
The design, development and management of shared laboratory spaces must follow precise technical standards and possess high quality requirements to guarantee the characteristics of a working reality that, necessarily, must keep up with the times both in terms of equipment and logic of the work process.
Secondly, it is essential to be able to understand the needs of scientists and researchers, translating them into accessible solutions that guarantee functionality, modernity and technological innovation.
Labs2Life: born in the laboratory for laboratories
Labs2Life was created precisely for this reason: to provide management solutions and services for independent research abhortors, guaranteeing timeliness, efficiency, professionalism and competence, acting as the only interlocutor for a flexible and dynamic management of technical, logistical and organizational aspects. The mission is therefore to relieve the researcher or laboratory manager of all these management burdens.
Behind this reality – together with a consolidated network of technical partners – there is the experience ofprofessionals from the world of the laboratory, deep connoisseurs of the mechanisms and criticalities of this world, who have been working for many years alongside researchers,scientists and doctors toidentify and develop optimal solutions.
Labs2Life wants to go beyond the concept of traditional service provider, configuring itself rather as a partner for growth and developmentor new synergies.
The offer and the recipients
Specifically, Labs2Life services are configured in three macro-areas:
• Management of laboratories, such as logistics, maintenance contracts, access management, environmental services, waste management and plant availability;
• Health and safetyservices, such as the position of head of theprevention and protection service (RSPP), specific risk assessments and the drafting of risk assessment documentation (DVR), training plans, obligations for the health and safety of workers (OSH) and occupational medicine;
• Consultancy and design, such as design, project evaluation, feasibility studies, collaboration with engineering components (authority, definitive, executive, labour direzione) and Industry 4.0.
Among the recipients of these services are local institutions, IRCCS, hospitals,research centres, analytical laboratories, public bodies, industry, etc.

“Let us jumpstart your laboratories”
Claudio Gattuso, Co-founder Labs2Life

Collaboration and partnership

Labs2Life is engaged in consulting to the design carried out by the project team of new laboratory spaces focused on
definition of the management plan of future laboratories, macroscopic analysis of processes and typological sizing of individual laboratory modules

Labs2Life together with Bio4Dreams is engaged in the management of the spaces of the Urban Center of Trieste, where the realization of the SharedLabsTM is planned, shared research laboratories that Labs2Life will follow from the point of view of the functional project

We are working on the creation of the new shared laboratories at the Polo per le Scienze della Vita in Rovereto; an eco-sustainable and technologically innovative context, born from the initiative of Trentino Sviluppo, the University of Trento and the HIT Foundation.


What we are looking for

Our experience puts us at a level of competence that allows us to guarantee high standards of construction and design of new laboratories.
We are looking for challenging projects and partners for design, set up, developing and management of laboratories.

Our Services

Our services are extremely focused on laboratories, we are leader in laboratory management and design, giving tenant ad users a full list of logistic and strategic services in order to develop a fully efficient space to work and to share experiences

Laboratory Logistics, Maintenance contracts, Access Management, Plant availability
Project evaluation,
Feasibility studies,
Integrated design,
Industry 4.0
RSPP Assignment
Specific risk assessments and DVRs
Training Plans
OSH Compliance
Occupational Medicine
Environmental services and waste management

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