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Medical informatics and bioinformatics


Artificial Intelligence is improving all aspects of life, from healthcare to finance. Nonetheless, obstacles to its adoption, e.g. data privacy risks, persist.
Aindo's Synthetic DataOps Platform overcomes these obstacles. Central to the platform is an unrivaled synthetic data technology, introducing a new paradigm of data privacy.

At Aindo, our mission is to help the world embrace the power of artificial intelligence (AI). We achieve this mission by providing an easy journey from raw data to synergy, insight and value.
Aindo was founded in 2018 as an AI consultancy company. Soon, we gained traction in the healthcare sector, where we noticed that many companies face the same obstacles when dealing with data:
1. A lack of structure in databases;
2. The difficulty to integrate a multitude of
tools into an efficient pipeline;
3. Restrictive privacy protocols, hindering a
free flow of information.
Consequently, the tremendous potential of AI often goes unrealized in applications such as data-driven diagnostics, medical image analysis and personalized medicine.
To overcome these obstacles, Aindo launched its own product, the Aindo Synthetic DataOps Platform (ASDP) in 2019. This platform automates the entire data value chain, including typically manually conducted tasks such as data integration, structuring and annotation.
At the platform’s core is our novel, privacy protecting synthetic data technology. The security this provides opens up endless opportunities for collaborations and new synergies, for instance between healthcare institutions and third-party data service providers.
ASDP is gaining widespread recognition: In 2020, it won the European Data Incubator, securing a €100k investment and was granted €25k in AWS credit by Oxford University’s Creative Destruction Lab. In December 2021, Aindo secured a €2.8m investment from VC Vertis S.G.R. for the platform’s development. In the mid-2022, the product launched through PoCs with key players in the healthcare and insurance sectors, who praise the platform’s functionality and ease of use.


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