Aindo Synthetic DataOps Platform

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science have an incredible ability to improve our quality of life. In the healthcare sector, applications of AI include data-driven diagnostics, drug response prediction, medical image analysis and even personalized medicine.
Unfortunately, many impactful AI projects do not succeed due to multiple failures across the data value chain: Data is often collected in multiple formats, siloed, and unstructured. This means considerable effort is required to acquire, integrate and structure it for successful use of AI. Even if these steps are carried out successfully, restrictive privacy protocols hinder data from being fully explored and shared. Furthermore, each processing step has dedicated tools and these tools are often esoteric and difficult to integrate.
The complexity of the data value chain means developing AI often requires months and significant human, intellectual and financial resources, if successful at all.
Aindo Synthetic DataOps Platform (ASDP) is the first solution to automate >80% of the data value chain, directly integrating a revolutionizing, privacy-protecting synthetic data technology. The platform’s modular approach allows users to tailor it to their individual needs. Its modules seamlessly integrate and cover data acquiring, structuring, securing, exploring, and sharing.
For companies building and commercializing AI innovations, ASDP standardizes robust processes so they can rapidly and affordably build and scale AI. This breakthrough approach is possible thanks to five unique innovations:
1) functionality that covers the entire data pipeline in an efficient, integrated manner;
2) a modular approach, allowing users to tailor ASDP to their specific needs;
3) a state-of-the-art, patent pending (Italian Patent Application 102021000008552) synthetic data privacy technology, directly embedded in the platform; and
4) a high level of task automation, including of tasks typically conducted manually, i.e, labeling, structuring, preprocessing and data exploration;
5) Compatibility with all major database systems and data types, including electronic health and patient records, relational databases and more.
The Aindo Synthetic DataOps platform removes data boundaries, helping the world embrace the power of artificial intelligence!